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Куклы для секса оптом / SANhUI 165 Love Doll Aiko по оптовой цене
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Вес 34 кг; Цвет телесный; Длина 165 см; Addeline and Miyuki are both oral capable, have a removable tongue, and soft teeth. Standing at 5’5” (165cm) Addeline is the tallest love doll offered by SANHUI. Her beauty rivals that of the four beauties of ancient china. Addeline features a fully poseable durable stainless steel skeleton with a wide range of motion similar to that of a human being. Addeline's skeleton is wrapped in a soft environmentally friendly foam to simulate the softness of the human body. We create our dolls with the highest quality medical grade platinum cured silicone to ensure our patrons receive a safe and quality companion that will last years to come. 165+: The SANHUI 165+ is endowed with more voluptuous breasts and new extremely realistic feeling skin! SANHUI's new technique simulates the pores of human skin and brings you one step closer to the perfect fantasy! One small touch and you will experience a tantalizing sensation shooting through your fingertips. Height: 165cm(5'5'') Weight: Before packaging 30Kg(66lb), after packaging 34Kg(75lb). Package Size: (4'10'')*(1'6'')*(1'2.5'') / 160cm*51cm*40cm Head Circumference: 1'7'' (48cm) Bust: 2'8'' (81cm) Waist: 1'8'' (51cm) Hip: 2'7'' (79) Thigh Length: 2'10'' (86cm) Hand Length: 7'' (18cm) Foot Length: 8'' (19.5cm) Vaginal Depth: 7'' (18cm) Anal Depth: 6'' (14cm) Oral Depth: 4'' (10cm) Clothing Size: Generally, a size 6-8 will fit Addeline. Check our store for clothing and wigs that are guaranteed to fit.

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Розничная стоимость: 3851 USD
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